Testimonials on the Use of Mariandina

NOTE 1: All information contained herein is not intended in any way as medical advice. Testimonials are given by people who wish to share their experiences and are solely for information purposes. Please do not use as a benchmark. Testimonials are from various countries including Botswana, Ghana, Jamaica, Kenya, Malawi, Martinique, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, UK, USA, Zimbabwe etc.

NOTE 2: The Mariandina agents in various countries have provided testimonials from their regions. Please see the Mariandina Distributors List for their contact details.

NOTE 3: These statements have NOT been evaluated by the FDA, MCA or NAFDAC. This product is NOT intended to Diagnose, Treat, Cure or Prevent any disease.

Chirag, West Indies

For the past 16 years, I have suffered from Eczema.For the past 10 years, my doctor has supplied me with liquid paraffin 50% white soft Paraffin and Emulsifying ointment BP…

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I have been taking Mariandina for the last 6 months and since that time I feel a totally different person.I feel better, have more energy to go about my daily work without feeling tired…

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Cuthbert, Caribbean

My grandmother and uncle both are diabetes and hypertension.They were on insulin for the longest while; I gave them one bottle of Mariandina and within two week they stop using all those medication that they were on

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Aabha, West Indies

I am 61-year-old mother with diabetes. I started taking Mariandina A, B, J three times a day a few months ago…

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Joshua, England

I am on Kidney Dialysis 3 times a week at St Thomas hospital in London. I was taking blood pressure tablets on a daily basis as my blood pressure was high…

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I was confirmed HIV positive at the federal medical laboratory in 1999. Since then my health has been up and down…

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Ms Getz, England

I suffer with Hypertension (high blood pressure), pain in my chest and must be careful so that I do not get stressed. Since taking Mariandina …

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Paul, England

I had a stroke a few years ago and recently started bleeding from my rectum. After hearing about Mariandina herbal treatment , I decided to try Mariandina A and J…

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Solome Brown, England

I am 37 years old and was diagnosed with diabetes about two and a half years ago and I was given insulin which I was took for a few months…

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Stella, England

My children Suffer from HDSS – Sickle Cell Anaemia. When I was first introduced to Mariandina my son who is now 11 years old had very bad…

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Veronica, England

I live in Birmingham and have 3 children. For the past year I was unable to even pick up my children because of the effects of Lupus…

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