The Uses Of Mariandina



NOTE 1: All information contained herein is not intended in any way as medical advice. 

NOTE 2: These statements have NOT been evaluated by the FDA, MCA or NAFDAC. This product is NOT intended to Diagnose, Treat, Cure or Prevent any disease.

  • Mariandina is a natural nutritional supplement formula for the maintenance of GOOD GENERAL HEALTH in people of all ages and walks of life.
  • Mariandina has helped people increase energy levels, boost immunity, increase appetite. Essentially, it can be used by anyone who wants to maintain good health by supplementing the nutritional deficiencies found in any diet.
  • These deficiencies include the lack of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, peptides and other elements that the body requires on a daily basis.
  • Mariandina A and Mariandina B and J can provide these  requirements because they are made of natural ingredients obtained from natural foods, vegetables, fruits and plant hormones.
  • Those who are sick because of bacterial, fungal and virus infections can be helped by the three Mariandina formulations because of their action in boosting the body’s immune system in its fight against a wide range of diseases and medical conditions.
  • To create Mariandina we went back to basics to learn how nature puts together her medicinal herbs and fruits from which foods come.
  • The fruits and vegetables spoken of in Genesis are the way forward to good health. They provide nutrients and spare parts for our bodies.
  • They are the source of healing and they prevent the cell processes of our bodies from degenerating, which if unchecked lead to ageing and finally inevitable death.
  • This is the secret of the Biblical Tree of Life. The damage to the body from pollution, poor nutrition, disease, stress and injury can be repaired better by these natural food supplements than by use of toxic chemicals which inflict further damage to our immune system.

Opportunistic Infections

Opportunistic Infections

Use anti-fungal Miconazole or Nizoral as directed by your own doctor.

If Tuberculosis infection is suspect or diagnosed, then anti-tuberculosis drugs should be taken in conjunction with Mariandina. The same applies to gastro-intestinal and respiratory infections.

Where Cryptococcal Meningitis is diagnosed, increase the dose of Mariandina A to three capsules three times a day in combination with the Fluconazole regime. Recovery will occur in about a week.

Treatment must continue for a minimum of eight weeks using Fluconazole before tailing it off.

Mariandina B should be added where possible for faster recovery, but Mariandina A can do the job on its own, just as in many other conditions.

To treat this condition use Mariandina A combined with Mariandina J; two of each capsule three times a day. The genital sores should clear in 8-12 weeks. The addition of Mariandina B speeds up recovery.

To treat this condition use Mariandina A and J; two or three capsules of each three times a day.

Mariandina B is optional but beneficial in similar dosage. This has the advantage of not leaving a painful scar. The blisters will normally dry up and disappear.

Pregnant mothers using Mariandina A and B will very often give birth to healthier babies if they take Mariandina A and B regularly during pregnancy and lactation. The baby will continue getting the nutritional additive provided by Mariandina, through breast milk.

Dissolve one capsule of Mariandina A, B and J in hot water and give the child to drink three times a day. Double the dose in bigger children or severe cases. Improvement will occur in 24 hours.

Use antibiotics where secondary bacterial infections exist. Honey may be added to the dissolved Mariandina to improve taste for children.

Where the symptoms suggest Hepatitis B (e.g., fever, jaundice, liver function tests, loss of appetite), use two capsules of Mariandina A and J three times a day.

Mariandina B may be added to speed up recovery. Improvement should be expected in 24 to 48 hours.

Kaposi Sarcoma may be present as a complication of HIV/AIDS. Use two capsules of Mariandina A three times a day, together with three capsules of Mariandina J three times a day.

Chronic renal failure associated with Oedema or Ascites responds well if Mariandina A is given daily. The dosage is increased according to the severity of the condition. Normally two capsules three times a day will do. Addition of Mariandina B has the advantage of speeding up recovery.

This condition is mainly found among people of African origin, who tend to suffer recurrent crises of jaundice, fever and infections with bone pains. The red blood cell destruction and associated symptoms can be controlled and even completely suppressed by a regular use of Mariandina A in doses of one or two capsules daily. During a crisis the dose is higher.

Children with MalnutritionChildren who have a tendency to developing infections, especially during school terms. One capsule two or three times a day.

Chronic heart disease patients will benefit very much from Mariandina A. The majority of heart diseases do damage to muscles by using toxins and free radicals in the body. These toxins and free radicals can be removed by the scavenging power of Mariandina.

AIDS is sometimes associated with Diabetes Mellitus. These cases are greatly assisted by taking two capsules of Mariandina A three times a day.
The Mariandina A treatment will gradually reduce the need for hypoglycaemic drugs like insulin.

Within about 5 to 6 months, the blood sugar returns to normal and insulin is no longer necessary and the urine becomes free from sugar. If the diabetes is AIDS-related, the Mariandina treatment for AIDS will continue.

Those patients whose diabetes is not AIDS-related can benefit from Mariandina A preferably combined with Mariandina B. The cells that produce insulin get regenerated in time to cope with the insulin demand.

A combination of Mariandina A and B will suppress or control the majority of common colds, especially when used at the onset of the symptoms, i.e., within the first 24 hours.

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