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What impact do Mariandina Nutrients have?

  • Appetite returns quickly. Facilitates body repair since now enables access to Macronutrients – Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat.
  • Supports retention of body weight – Eliminates “wasting” so the body chemistry stabilises generating a feeling of well-being.
  • Increases energy levels – which helps the body fight infection.
  • High levels of micronutrients – helps repair and heal cells and supplement shortages of nutrients in the body caused by having the disease and the use of medication.
  • High levels of antioxidants – slows down action of the virus / repairs damage caused by the virus.
  • Complements the action of ARVs – more support for low CD4 count patients.
  • Increases mobility in patients – increased self-esteem and ability to exercise and so generates muscle and body weight.
  • Boosts immunity – thereby enabling the effective action of necessary drugs like HIV and TB treatments etc.
  • Medications like Antiretrovirals deplete many of the micronutrients necessary to keep the body healthy. Without proper nutrition how can anyone be expected to combat HIV or combat the side effects of the HIV/AIDS treatments?

Without proper nutrition, patients are at a greater risk of failing drug treatments because they can’t tolerate the side effects. They may decide to discontinue a treatment, which could have proved beneficial, had they been able to overcome the initial side effects.

Proper nutrition and micronutrient supplementation can address the immune system and many of the side effects of HIV treatments. (Ref:

Conclusion: As a holistic product, Mariandina works on rebalancing the whole body and so overall feeling of well being.

Can Mariandina help boost immunity?

  • Our natural nutritional supplements Mariandina A, B & J, provide the body with nutrients that might be lacking in the diets of those that have diminished capacity to have a balanced normal diet or have an unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Mariandina can help boost the immunity of people with HIV/AIDS. Indeed one tablet of Mariandina A each day can help general health and boost immunity. The combination of Mariandina A and Mariandina J is more powerful and the optimal boost is observed with the 3 together.

What is Mariandina made of?

There are 5 types of Mariandina all of which are effective individually or as a combination if required for a specific purpose. The Mariandina ingredients are assimilated into the body quite easily. Mariandina is composed in a way that the value of the nutrients therein was minimally compromised.

Mariandina A – is made out of over 28 different ingredients, made out of natural products including anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and minute amounts of rare elements that are useful in the functioning of the human body. ONE tablet a day has an impact and is good for General Health.

Mariandina B –  contains 18 vital nutrients that invigorate whole body systems and energise the body. Take one or two a day for general health.

Mariandina J – contains 29 different herbal ingredients chosen for their capacity to rejuvenate the body in Africa and elsewhere. This is good to help detox the body and boost immunity.

Mariandina Herbal Cream – is made up of 7 ingredients. It does not contain any steroids or any bleaching agents. Use alongside Mariandina A for general health.

Mariandina Syrup- is made up of 18 ingredients and is designed for children above the age of 3. Adults can also take Mariandina Syrup, however Mariandina Tablets are more effective.

How do natural products like Mariandina work?

Natural products work within the human body in a different manner to pharmacologically active drugs. They often work as complex mixtures in which the components interact with each other synergistically, or they interact with factors in the diet or the body.

What is a vitamin?

  • Today, we know that there are more than 20 organic molecules called vitamins, each of which has a different chemical structure and role in the body.
  • There are two distinct groups of vitamins: those that are soluble in water (vitamin C and all B – vitamins) and are distributed throughout all watery components of the cell; and those that are soluble in fat (vitamins A, D, E and K), which are found mostly in cell compartments rich in fat, such as the membranes.
  • Although they are critical to sustain life, vitamins are mostly not produced in our bodies.

What is the principle behind the way Mariandina works?

  • Mariandina works on the concept that health is determined at the level of the many cells in the body. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other essential nutrients are needed for the thousands of biochemical reactions that take place continuously in each cell, and a chronic deficiency of these essential nutrients is the most frequent cause of disease.
  • An optimum intake of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other essential nutrients is consequently the key to achieving optimum health and preventing the development of chronic diseases.

Mariandina demonstrates Nutrient Synergy - What is Nutrient Synergy?

  • Mariandina has a wide range of nutrients at different levels and so uses the concept of nutrient synergy. Nutrient Synergy maximizes the health benefits of micronutrients because they work best in “teams”. It is not the intake of any one single nutrient that ensures full health, but the intake of a complete spectrum of various different micronutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements. The effectiveness of this approach has been confirmed in independent research.
  • Nutrient Synergy is the most effective approach to optimizing cellular metabolism and restoring its balance, and has repeatedly shown that this approach is more effective than using individual nutrients  or their random combination.

What is the difference between Mariandina and other Health Supplements / Multivitamins on the market?

  • Mariandina products each contain: (i) herbs (ii) vitamins and (iii) minerals.
  • Mariandina products have a very wide range of ingredients.
  • Mariandina products have essential ingredients at levels that have been proved to be essential for optimal health.
  • All the ingredients within Mariandina are sourced from pure organic sources. Mariandina is manufactured and packaged according to the highest levels of Good Practice.
  • Some health supplements on the market use synthetic and / or genetically modified ingredients. These may not fully be absorbed into the body and hence do not provide the body with the natural resources it requires.

If anti-oxidants are so important in Mariandina, could we not get the same effect by simply eating a lot of foods that contain them or taking vitamin supplements?

  • Antioxidants are very important in the body, but it is almost impossible to get all the required types and quantities from the ordinary diets we use. Their deficiency produces the diseases we often suffer from.
  • Mariandina contains a selection of very rare and powerful anti-oxidants to act as free radical scavengers. The free radicals are dangerous because of their reactive oxygen that produces the equivalent of iron rust in the body. Mariandina contributes some of the antioxidants that the body does not get from an ordinary diet.

If someone gathered and used ingredients listed on bottles of Mariandina, could they achieve similar results compared to the actual pills?

It is not possible to achieve the same effects of genuine Mariandina by using individual ingredients, because the secret of Mariandina lies in the carefully controlled levels in which the nutrients are combined.

How do you take Mariandina?

If you are taking Mariandina when you are suffering from a particular condition, once you have recovered from the illness then Mariandina can be ceased. However, if you continue taking Mariandina you may take one or two capsules a day. It helps to maintain general health.

How safe is Mariandina?

  • Mariandina is safe because the ingredients are natural products and it has no side effects.
  • Mariandina works in harmony with the body by providing natural spare parts to replace lost nutrients and damaged cells and tissues.

How does Mariandina work?

Mariandina works by providing the body with vitamins and minerals said to be deficient in some diets. Especially in countries where nutrition is a challenge for some people or in countries like the West where over-processing of foods results in poor quality nutrients.

Do I need a medical prescription to get Mariandina?

There is no need for a medical prescription to get Mariandina. Mariandina is a range of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbs.

Is Mariandina safe during pregnancy?

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult your doctor before you take any vitamins or herbs.

Is smoking advisable to individuals using Mariandina?

We believe that the contents of cigarettes diminish the effectiveness of Mariandina. We therefore advise that for the best impact, one should stop smoking.

What sort of diet do you recommend?

  • You are advised to eat a lot of green vegetables and plenty of fruits. Beans, Soya, peas and lentils are also recommended. Seeds such as Sunflower Seed, Sesame seed, Pumpkin seed, Hemp seed and Linseed are a rich source of nutrients and help to nourish the body.
  • High protein foods of vegetable origins such as broccoli, spinach, cabbage, carrots and others have medicinal properties and were included in our diets by our ancestors for this reason.
  • Drinking plenty of water is always essential in any diet. It helps the flow of nutrients and any medication around the body. It helps avoid dry mouth and constipation.
  • Tea, alcohol or sparkling drinks can actually make you lose some of your body liquid.

Are there any syrups for infants?

Mariandina syrup can be used for infants (as well as adults). It has been specially designed to incorporate a wide range of essential nutrients for children above the age of 3.

NB: In the case of adults the tablets are always much better as they have a far wider range of ingredients.

Are the tablets sweet and chewable (for children)?

Mariandina comes as tablets or capsules. These are not sweet but can be crushed or cut open and mixed with food or honey to aid swallowing. For children, there is the syrup which is sweetened with honey.

Can one have capsules instead of tablets?

Both have exactly the same ingredients and so the impact is the same. There is a preference for capsules since they are easier to swallow. However, many vegetarians and Muslims insist on the vegetables. Having said that – our capsules are Halal and Kosher and therefore comply with both Jewish and Islamic law.

Can Mariandina be administered through an injection?

No. Mariandina only comes as capsules, tablets, syrup or cream.

Can Mariandina A, B, J be taken together?

Yes, Mariandina A, B and J can be taken together. Mariandina A can be taken on its own.

If someone can afford only one type, what would you recommend?

Mariandina A is the main overall nutritional supplement that can be used on its own. However, Mariandina B or Mariandina J can also be taken on their own if so desired.

What are the directions for use and dosage?

He Recommended Daily Intake is stated on a label.

Mariandina Tablets and Capsules (A, B, J):
Route of administration – Oral

Adults and children over 12 years of age (A, B, J):
One or Two tablets daily with water or milk.

Mariandina Syrup:
Route of administration – Oral

Children 3 – 6, One teaspoonful (5ml) daily.
Adults and Children over 6 years, Two teaspoonfuls (10ml) daily.

Mariandina Cream:
Route of administration – Topical

Apply Mariandina cream to the affected area twice a day.

How long should the higher dosage be taken?

This should be taken for a period of 3 months after which a review should be taken. The lower standard dose should then be taken – i.e. 1 tablet x 2 times per day or 1 tablet x 3 times per day.

What are the side effects?

Urine may be yellow as a result of the flavonoids. Tingling sensation is sometimes felt with Mariandina “A” Capsules. This happens if not taken after a meal and usually disappears after a while. One could use Mariandina A Vegetables instead.

What are the precautions and warnings?

Stated on label. – “Do not take on an empty stomach”.

What is the dosage for various ailments?

  • Mariandina is an “Herbal Supplement” only guidance is given. As a supplement Mariandina is a Wholistic product and so is working on the body as a whole. Even if you have a particular ailment, the process of working is the same. Mariandina will work to rebalance the whole body.
  • Although it is not a treatment or cure, guidance is given on how to take Mariandina. The higher level dosages may be taken for 3 months and then move to the lower dose of 1 or 2 tablets 2 to 3 times a day.

Is further research using Mariandina being carried out by doctors?

Yes. Currently, clinical evaluations are underway in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Malawi and Uganda.

All completed reports are available for review on the website after the testimonials page

  • Uganda – 100 AIDS patients have been evaluated using Mariandina A and ARVs
  • Nigeria – Clinical trial pilot study on 3 Breast Cancer patients and 2 diabetic patients
  • Nigeria – 17 HIV / AIDS patients have been evaluated using Mariandina A and J.
  • Tanzania – 50 HIV / AIDS patients have been evaluated using Mariandina A.

How can I obtain Mariandina nutritional supplements?

Mariandina natural nutritional food supplements are available through your Mariandina Nutritional Health agent or distributor.

What is the thinking behind Mariandina?

Consider these questions:

  • How does food help the body to heal itself?
  • Can we go back to Nature? Look at the foods it provides.
  • What are the origins of health and disease?
  • Compare our current habits to the previous generations. How have we changed?


  • Human life was meant to be sustained by the use of nutrients from natural sources.
  • Source the foods mainly from plants, vegetables, fruits, and herbs.
  • It is these nutrients that the body requires to  build the tissues used to renew it and replace those that are damaged.

Why do we get ill?

  • As long as the immune system is intact, bacteria, viruses and fungi have no adverse effect on health.
  • If an individual fails to keep the body supplied with the essential nutrients to maintain the immune system, then the bacteria and viruses get the upper hand of the defences and produce diseases in our systems.
  • If we eat foods, which are low in nutrient value, we become deficient and susceptible to diseases.
  • If if we eat an unbalanced diet or over processed foods, we become deficient and susceptible to diseases.

Why is the incidence of disease going up?

  • Degenerative conditions e.g. diabetes and cancer, diseases like Scurvy, rheumatic fevers and joint pains are secondary to some form of nutritional breakdown or deficiency and that could potentially be reversed by a timely improvement in nutrition.
  • Our departure from natural unprocessed food to overcooked and processed foods that are deficient in the very nutrients required by the body is the cause of the problem.

What is the Answer?

  • A balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and vegetable enzymes may be used to reverse these disease states.
  • By supplementing our diet with concentrated vitamins, minerals, plant hormones, enzymes and amino acids, we can attempt to eliminate most of the diseases that afflict man.
  • Medical doctors all over the world are experiencing an ever-increasing demand for a holistic approach to health.
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