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Professor Charles Ssali’s Public Address at the Africa Centre on 22 June 1998

This is an honour for me to be able to discuss a subject that – as the chairman said – has caused a lot of controversy, probably not only in Britain and Africa but also in the United States. I have been travelling to several parts of the world to explain the kind of work I am involved in, which I have been involved in since 1988 when I was working in this country as an ENT consultant surgeon: not on a permanent basis, because I was here from 1988 to 1992.

I was in a position to appreciate the problems that AIDS causes in 1988 because I had had years of experience in research and treatment of various other diseases. And AIDS came as a special interest because it had no cure. For a period of eight years, when in 1988, I found myself still working in Britain hoping some big research organisation would come up with a solution, which it didn’t. I decided to take part, no matter how little my contribution would be. I said I would rather not stand by seeing fellow human beings devastated by this disease.

I had no financial backing, but depending on my salary in this country, I put in what little I could at that time. I had, first of all, to know what this disease does to the body, as a basic form of information that had appeared in the papers that had been written up. I knew that people like Robert Gallo and Luke Montagnier had found the virus and said it was the cause of AIDS  as we knew it up to now.We were told all the time that it had no cure; once you have got it, it devastates your immune system, and you are then set on a course of destruction within a few years.We had also, in our environment, a lot of people who had the disease and we saw what it could do. We saw that, especially in Africa, it depressed the immune system: that one was open to the attack of diseases that originally he was immune to.

This of course created a fear. Now, unfortunately, this fear was propagated to the point that anyone who got AIDS was made to despair because since there was no treatment, it was like a person condemned to death and you just wait and stand by for that day when you will be hanged. This is the situation even up to now. Though we have had a few successes of other researchers coming up with forms of treatment, yet the same fear still follows those who have the disease.

My country of origin is Uganda, I started my work here; and I realised that there must be promoting factors that created this disease to be almost invariably fatal, and that all the treatments introduced made very little difference. I looked first of all at what makes a person with AIDS die, and realised that opportunistic infections were the ones that actually execute the person. But I also realised that those who had avoided certain other factors in their behaviour avoided this coming upon them much earlier. So disease treatment and nutrition were very important.

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  • I went back to Uganda: I had formulated an idea and sought one of the first patients I found in Kampala having been discharged from the hospital here in London, having been sent home to Uganda to die? so I thought. I asked her brother for permission to treat the patient and he allowed me to do so. Since the treatment was derived from traditional natural substances – which are from plants – as nature had arranged them, I had no fear of endangering my patients. This is the basis of the treatment we now know as Mariandina. We started on that and the treatment I gave to this young lady, who was bedridden, having throat infections, thrush, immediately improved. Within a fortnight, the girl who was bedridden started to walk again.
  • Now, literature has since revealed that those who have nutritional supplements – good nutrition – are better prepared to survive these diseases. I therefore took that course: I read the literature, found that this was true; we all know that vitamins and minerals, and certain enzymes are essential to the body. Nobody can live without them. We can believe what we have been told that allopathic medicine is beneficial; antibiotics and all these other drugs alone cannot save the person unless one is properly nourished, so nutrition is of the utmost importance.
  • We therefore were on the right track. Immunology Today (a journal) has shown this over and over again. Mariandina was formulated on that basis. Mariandina are natural products made from vitamins, minerals and enzymes, various herbs together, and these form the replacement parts of the immune system that restore the normal immunity of an individual. I have treated patients in Kampala to the tune of 17,000 people within a period of five years. And this is no mean achievement: These patients were bedridden most of the time, some of them had candidiasis, they had lost a lot of weight, which gives AIDS its characteristic name in Uganda – “slim”. People lose weight; they get secondary infections, tuberculosis, recurrent malaria, and so on. Some even get cancer, kaposi sarcoma.
  • Now, we have achieved with these Mariandina preparations, the recovery of the majority of those patients; 75% to 85% of our patients recover. Mariandina A, B and J; and this is because in Mariandina, which is the product here, you can find the most important herbs, nutritional boosters and immune boosters of all types collected from all parts of the world. I put them together: Mariandina A is the main one, it treats people with AIDS. Within a week or two they feel different. I have used it on people with Gulf War Syndrome as well, which is also immune failure and these people told me they have improved tremendously.
  • So it is not a question of faith or imagination; these pills are real and they work. They are made according to the most modern pharmaceutical conditions to satisfy the requirements of the medical establishment, so it is no deception. Even kaposi sarcoma, which is a very dangerous condition, can be dealt with using Mariandina J, which is a purely herbal preparation. You will see why? if you understand the scientific basis of cancer genes, which I had to go into myself. Whereas the A (Mariandina A) restores the metabolism in the body cells, to normal, – that is why the person recovers – this (Mariandina J) restores the metabolism of cells to get it away from that of a cancer cell which is based on fermentation.
  • Whereas normal body cells do their metabolism (the organisation of energy) using what we call glycolysis, the burning of sugar, using enzymes which restore the normal balance to carry on with that function; but when it goes wild, then it becomes dependent on fermentation for the production of energy: that is a cancer cell, that is what it does, scientifically, Mariandina J restores the balance that it requires.
  • The normal cell has a nucleus, and little structures called mitochondria; the nucleus controls everything happening in the cell. This (mitochondria) controls the energy supplies of the body. This is the one on which the virus concentrates its activities on, causing the cell to accumulate waste products such as hydrogen peroxide (which you know is a strong bleach) is produced here in metabolism. But in a person with AIDS, this is not got rid of. There are some others, but I don’t want to sidetrack you: for example nitric acid. These destroy the cell mitochondria and break the cell wall. So that a person with AIDS is losing cells: even the nucleus itself breaks down.
  • The chromosomes in here (the nucleus) get disrupted: that is what causes cancer in people with AIDS. Because of that activity, the cell wall is destroyed; these mitochondria burst out and get distorted; energy production is reduced. The person gets weaker, cannot fight disease because the necessary metabolism is not taking place. This is what leads to what we call AIDS. Since you cannot metabolise normally, your enzymes are destroyed, you become vulnerable to attack by disease because you no longer manufacture your antibodies properly which depend on metabolism; you cannot use glucose properly so you convert to fermentation: you get cancer cells which grow and take control.
  • The details are not for today, but this is basically what we had looked into when doing our research. Some people have said there is no scientific ground for this: We have had a discussion already on Spectrum (radio): Someone said, “Professor Ssali, you have no scientific evidence.” I wish that this were the scientific platform, because then I would have shown him that this is not based on speculation, this is scientific study I have made and arrived at this conclusion. I supplied what material was required (missing in the AIDS condition) and patients started to recover. This can be demonstrated within a few days. I have had patients here getting Mariandina from me in this country, some friends, others are not friends. They can testify to this, they have recovered, they have improved, and they can tell you. There are thousands in Uganda, it is not speculation, it is real.
  • But disinformation has been going round because the campaign, the disease, has turned into a commercial issue. There are so many interested parties who want AIDS to continue as it is. If you say you have discovered something beneficial and you are restoring hope among individuals, then that is interfering with the market, which is AIDS. People have refused me support in Uganda just because I discovered something, which is so popular. People even went to the streets and demonstrated in Kampala demanding the restoration of Mariandina. This is photographed, it has been shown on TV, and this is not my own making up. But those big financial organisations have approached even our national organisations and industries and have offered big money to ban Mariandina so that they can market their own products. This is what is taking place in Uganda.
  • My drug is lying at Entebbe Airport, worth? 14,000 (Sterling), refused entry into Uganda where the people needed it: just because they brought $250,000 (US) and offered it to that person in authority, who banned Mariandina; and it is still lying at the airport. This is the fact: I have the evidence? I have all this information. This is not because Mariandina did not work, but because it was a fly in the ointment in the market of this money magnate.
  • We are the people who have to fight this war. You will find this disinformation going round, “There is no cure”. They do not want you to have hope. They want you to have despair because they want you to go down in the grave. I have brought hope to this world somehow. People don’t believe it now, but they will know the right way forward. In allopathic medicine we have little hope. When you take for instance some of these drugs which are marketed as a cure for AIDS, they are replacement parts. We call them nuceo-analogues: It means they give a spare part to the body, which is not real. It is not natural, and the body cannot use it. The body mistakes it for the real thing and so it kills the DNA.
  • DNA is the source of life. Now if you inhibit certain enzymes like protease enzymes, and you inhibit them for years, you kill the person because those enzymes are working normally in the body: Everybody needs them. If somebody says, “I want to get rid of vermin, mice, in your house. I will destroy all the grain in this house and in this area.” Then you won’t have the grain you stored. So for eliminating the vermin you destroyed the grain. You will starve to death. This is the way people are using some of the allopathic drugs? the methods they have used. I don’t believe that works. If the DNA is built using false spare parts? you see the gene is given something that is not real, an analogue, something similar, whereas the real thing would have come from a fruit, from an apple or a green vegetable. But if you take the drug, your body will think it has got the right thing, and will start using it; but will not survive for long, for it breaks the DNA chain. This is how some of the drugs work.
  • So I have used the natural products. Natural products give you the real thing; that is how we have survived. I think the fall of man? when we brought this about? is when we invented fire and came out of the forest and thought we had entered an age of civilisation? of discovery. I think that would have been the worst mistake. If you look around, the monkeys in the forest are not dying of AIDS. They have the same SV40 virus; they are not suffering. Even in laboratories they have failed to infect monkeys. The reason they don’t die is because they eat naturally; they eat fruit, greens. If you eat fruits and greens? ingredients as nature put them together, you survive longer than if you depend on drugs made by man. This is the principle on which Mariandina works.
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