My children Suffer from HDSS – Sickle Cell Anaemia.

When I was first introduced to Mariandina my son who is now 11 years old had very bad jaundice where his eyes always looked as if they were “dirty”.

Within three days of taking Mariandina A and J daily, his eyes started to clear and he started to have a big appetite, full of energy, less stress and did not have much pain in his joints (in other words, he didn’t have so many crises).

Whereas when he was on the penicillin and folic acid, he would vomit, and was never hungry because of the amount of liquid intake he had to take (at least 3 litres per day).

My daughter who is 6 years old had the same problems and taking Mariandina A and J daily has helped her to cope.

I myself have the trait and the symptoms as well and so I also take mariandina and it is of great help especially during my period.

I could go on and on until the end of time writing about Mariandina.

I have my own “proof” that is does “work”.

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