For the past 16 years, I have suffered from Eczema.

For the past 10 years, my doctor has supplied me with liquid paraffin 50% white soft Paraffin and emulsifying ointment BP.

At no point did this heal my Eczema, it only stopped the itching.

My hands were very badly infected to the point where my fingers were virtually black.

Having this disease for the past 16 years left me feeling totally depressed and suicidal.

I started to use Mariandina in March 2001.

Within 2 weeks, the itching stopped and within 3 weeks, my fingers turned from black to brown.

The dark marks have not totally gone but are going.

Everyone that knows me has told me that I am a totally new person.

My depression has totally gone and I love life again, I want to wake up in the mornings.

I am at college so have a small cash flow.


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