Health awareness

  • In addition to the health centers, the mobile medical and dental unit travels to remote rural areas of Orissa every year at regular intervals to provide health checkups, health camps, dental camps, health awareness camps, social awareness camps, and to distribute free medicine.
  • The team of doctors, pharmacists, and pathologists travel to these camps to provide much-needed service to the underserved.
  • In one year, Hariharananda charitable health centers rendered these services to nearly 70,000 people, with more than 7,600 people using the lab resources for basic pathology tests. Dental care was provided to 2,285 people.

Health Camps:

  • The health centers organize both Mobile Health Camps and Composite Health Camps in remote areas where there are no medical facilities.
  • Due to poor road conditions, unfortunately, it is still not possible to access extremely remote villages.
  • Over 700 patients receive free care each month at the mobile health camps, and about 270 patients receive free care each month at the composite health camps.
  • Seven or eight new camps are being organized each month. More and more children ages six through fourteen are now receiving medical and dental care.
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