Love Your Health

Neter Vital Health in association with Mariandina Research Foundation Presents LOVE YOUR HEALTH SPEAKER: Stephen Ssali – Nutritionist, Intuitive Healer & Quantum Energy Coach

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Mariandina Herbal Research

Mariandina Herbal  Research  Introduction: Traditional herbal medicines are naturally occurring, plant-derived substances with minimal or no industrial processing that have been used to treat illness within local or regional healing practices. Traditional herbal medicines are getting significant attention in [...]

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Mariandina Product Research

MARIANDINA PRODUCT RESERCH -KEY AREA Healthcare professionals will often encounter patients who are taking herbal medicines. However, many patients are reluctant to inform their healthcare professional, so enquiry is important. Research commissioned by the MHRA indicated that approximately a [...]

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The Celebration Of Wholeness

 The Celebration Of Wholeness simple and effective way to take care of your skin from the inside is to have at least one glass of ‘Green Juice’ every day. You can release the almost miraculous, rejuvenating power of green chlorophyll [...]

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Health Events For Womens

Celebrate Women’s Health With us as we focus on raising awareness on Breast Cancer, Hormone Imbalance, Menopause, Detox, Emotional Wellbeing, Infertility, Fibroids, Weight Gain and many other Conditions. On the day we have a health panel, workshops, stalls and [...]

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Mariandina Health News

Latest Health News Of Mariandina. (NaturalNews) Most people in western society have grown up without using bitter herbs on a regular basis. Bitter herbs are not the most tasty, but they are outstanding for our health. These herbs help [...]

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Health awareness

In addition to the health centers, the mobile medical and dental unit travels to remote rural areas of Orissa every year at regular intervals to provide health checkups, health camps, dental camps, health awareness camps, social awareness camps, and [...]

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Cancer Awareness

Mariandina cancer and Hormonal balance awareness healing guide: Toxins and Chemicals of all kinds when they enter the body cause the DNA in certain cells to mutate and become pre-cancerous The development of cancer cells starts when the natural [...]

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HyperTension Awareness

HYPERTENSIONS SIGNS, SYMPTOMS AND SOLUTIONS: Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading killers of our time. The most dangerous sign of this disease is atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries. Our heart pumps about 100,000 times a day. Atherosclerosis [...]

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