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Chromosome damage

How Does Mariandina Work – Part 4

Chromosome damage which occurs as a single or double strand breaks and cross-links caused by reactive free radicals leads to enhanced expression of oncogenes as in Kaposi sarcoma. The damaged cells are characterized by reduced cell metabolism and accelerated aging. The affected cells generally have reduced cell waste excretion capability because of damaged enzymes like glutathione peroxide, catalase and superoxide dismutase. There may follow cell capture, nuclear membrane damage and cytoplasmic reticulum damage. The rise in free radicals causes inhibition of mitochondrial glycolytic pathways and loss of electron transport mechanism of the tissues.

When treating AIDS or scurvy, the use of antioxidants and micronutrients is essential as free radical scavengers needed for the reversal of both conditions which differ only in having HIV as the aetiological agent for the former and the lack of fresh fruits for the latter. Both have a similar clinical pathophysiology. It is important to note that not only are the symptoms and signs in the two conditions remarkably similar, but also the fact that diet and stress play an important role in the two conditions. Source of antioxidants and other micronutrients are primarily in a balanced diet and then secondarily nutritional additives play an important role.

We lost a lot by going away from the original diet of primitive man when we started over-cooking our food, ate cakes, instead of fruits and vegetables, drink alcohol and put preservatives into our food and drinks, introduced drugs and smoke into our bodies. We must abstain from these new lifestyles in order to avoid a catastrophic future ridden with bacterial, viral and degenerative diseases.

Out of the present total of 14,000 patients we have so far treated since 1992, when we opened the Mariandina clinic, over 75% have shown rapid improvement clinically and many have returned to their original jobs to continue earning a living. I am certain that they are grateful for the improved quality of life they now enjoy because many of them were at the brink of death on arrival. The HIV virus locks the victim in that state of deteriorating metabolic disorder and nutritional deficit, beset with opportunistic infections one cannot get rid of. It is like a maze devoid of an escape route.

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