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How Does Mariandina Work?

In Mariandina we have the means by which the HIV can be controlled in its activities. In this pill we call Mariandina “A”, there is an assortment of what are known as free radical scavengers. These are powerful and carefully selected antioxidants, vitamins, rare minerals and amino acids. By means of a special formulation of these nutrients, a powerful antiviral activity was achieved. There is, in Mariandina A, the action for removing all the poisonous substances from the body on which the HIV depends for its multiplication. It repairs the damage done by these impurities and the virus itself. This action results in a rapid sense of well-being felt by the patient within a few days of starting the treatment. In Mariandina A, we have included a vital ingredient that stimulates the body to produce a variety of natural cortical steroids that enable the body to cope with stress and strain. Mariandina provides the body with essential requirements for body metabolism.

We soon realised however that there are some patients that do not respond sufficiently well on Mariandina A. They kept on complaining of fevers, coughs and diarrhoea. They felt weak despite long use of Mariandina A. Their fevers did not go down with chloroquine or quinine. We went back to the drawing board and came up with a new generation of Mariandina we called Mariandina B. This was a revolutionary type because it contained some of the features of A, but in addition it had the advantages of herbal remedies. It contains the essential elements you find in worldwide herbal remedies known in Africa, South America, Europe and Asia. When we gave it our clinical trial in 1995, the results exceeded expectations. Our patients fell in love with Mariandina B instantly. When used in combination with Mariandina A, the results are just what we were looking for.

Resistant fevers disappeared together with loss of appetite and chronic weakness. Mariandina B boosts the immune system by promoting the production of interferons which are chemical weapons against virus infections. The result is a rapid improvement confirmable by blood tests. We find a rise in blood counts and immune cell systems like CD4, T helper lymphocytes. Patients who had diabetes mellitus were found to stop using insulin within six months. Women who had lost their monthly periods and gone into premature menopause regained them and even had children. Children that were dying of chronic infections like T.B. and malnutrition started to grow and gain weight. This new addition raised our percentage of improving patients with AIDS to 80% with a reduced number of those who are bedridden. More people returned to their former jobs.

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