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This is the Human Immune Deficiency Virus that causes AIDS. The disease known as AIDS is the one that comes out of that virus. This virus is so small that it is one ten-thousandth of a millimetre. Ordinary microscopes cannot see it and only electronic microscopes are capable of that degree of magnification. It has an outer cover known as an envelope and an inner core known to contain its most important genes.

It is capable of infecting human beings and by incorporating itself into the body cells, it is able to control their behaviour. By entering our defence cells, it turns them into traitors which begin to cater for the interests of the virus itself. From the time, these defence cells are infected they start reproducing more viruses till the body defences are compromised. This opens the body to attacks of other diseases in a state we call AIDS.


What is Mariandina Treatment?

Mariandina is a code name for a number of various pills by myself in a period of 10 years of research to discover an effective treatment for HIV/AIDS. In AIDS states, we find a person whose immune system has been suppressed and made to succumb to various diseases that he was originally resistant to. In such individuals that have AIDS we see infections affecting the gut starting with the mouth, stomach and intestines. This is why you see people having fungus or candida in the mouth or gullet. Patients develop diarrhoea that fails to heal. People lose appetite and hate the idea of feeding because the intestines cannot process their food and the body cannot use it as a result of this virus in the circulation. The body cells normally process the food in their energy factories called mitochondria. In AIDS, these factories are shut down because of lack of raw materials and the necessary enzymes, which are destroyed by the effects of this HIV virus.

The body over-produces waste products, which it cannot get rid of for lack of means to do so, and yet these wastes, promote the reproduction of the virus itself. These waste products include, among other things, H2O2 and nitric acid. These are called FREE RADICALS or reactive oxygen intermediaries. These by-products of metabolism, if not got rid of in time, cause cell damage that is equivalent to iron rust in everyday life. The damage to cells, so created, results in cell death and abnormal cell divisions that may lead to cancer that we call Kaposi Sarcoma. The promotion of virus reproduction in the body by these wastes leads to the stage when the person’s immunity (composed of cells and antibodies) is overwhelmed by sheer numbers. The cells that defend us are called T helper lymphocytes. They are the ones that can attack the HIV virus or any other virus infection. A group of these cells called CD4 are the main defence line. Unfortunately, the virus of HIV also chooses these very cells for its site of a multiplication. It enters these cells at a particular site called gp120 and an enzyme called reverse transcriptase enters the nucleus of that cell. From then on, the virus takes over a charge of its reproduction and mode of behaviour. The original defence cell known as CD4 now becomes an enemy cell, which caters for the HIV mode of reproduction although it remains looking the same as the others. This betrayal by a person’s defences enables the virus to remain in the body just like a guerrilla in a foreign country.

This period of time, when the virus is in hiding in the body cells and lymph glands, is symptomless but is used to increase in numbers and dismantle the body’s essential services in preparation for the open warfare it will wage on the individual later on. At this time, the person’s defence is done mainly by two cells, which remain faithful to the end. These are the virus-free CD4 and macrophages. The macrophages try to kill floating virus in the blood by ingesting them. The other line of defence is the one known as CD8 which is capable of killing virus-infected CD4. It has a chemical weapon, which is so sophisticated that it can identify enemy occupied CD4 cells and mark them for killing by macrophages or order them to commit suicide. This is called apoptosis and it leads to the well known falling numbers of CD4 in AIDS patients.

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